Environmental responsibility

  • We take into account the welfare of the environment in everything we do. Our environmental system is certified to the highest standard, and we follow the principles of sustainable development. We purchase our raw materials only from suppliers that are aware of and take into account the environmental impact of their own operations. In production, our aim is to minimise the volume of energy consumed and the amount of waste generated. We sort, recycle and re-use plastics, metals and packaging materials wherever possible.

Safety and security

  • Our aim is a safe and efficient working environment, which takes into account the physical, psychological and social well-being of our employees. We are developing our activities in co-operation with our staff, the occupational health services, the authorities and other sources of expertise. We ensure that production runs continuously and smoothly by paying particular attention in our operations. We try to keep malfunctions and risks at the lowest possible level. In that way, we enable cost-efficiency in production and minimise the waste of raw materials. In the field of risk management, we carry out several annual risk assessments at each plant and in each department.